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Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Your Time to relax

Would you like to to relax? Would you like to gain some information? To meet other mums also expecting? 

Join us for this fantastic 6 week Women's only programme to learn some fantastic tools and techniques.

What will we do?

Pregnancy Relaxation

Birth Related Discussion
Mindfulness Activity

How was your week been?
Meet other Expectant Mum's
Chat & a Drink

Each week will focus on a different topic:​

​Week 1 - Relaxation in Pregnancy

Week 2 - Sleep in Pregnancy

Week 3 - Fear in Pregnancy & Birth

Week 4 - Healthy Choices

Week 5 - Preparing for Birth

Week 6 - Oxytocin for Birth

Breathing Meditation

Cost: £90 1:1 Private (Currently Online)

Cost: £70 Group Course (Currently Online)

Click below to find out upcoming dates.

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