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Morgan Wyborn, Hypnobirthing Teacher

I'm married and a mama to two beautiful daughters.  After experiencing a traumatic birth, I sought Hypnobirthing classes to help me prepare and support my youngest daughter's positive and informed birth after I became aware of what Hypnobirthing was and what I could gain from it. Keeping calm, relaxed and breathing through each contraction I confidently and comfortably birthed within 2 hours of getting to the hospital in the pool which was my plan. To this day I'm still amazed by my own inner power and confidence in my body's ability to birth beautifully with just my husband and midwives support as well as all my Hypnobirthing tools.

Why doesn't every pregnant woman know what I now know? The birth experience using everything I learnt was truly amazing and led me to want to  train with The Little Birth Company who are incredibly passionate and supportive to help all birthing women.

So here I am, ready and passionate about supporting and empowering others, like yourself to learn the tools and techniques of Hypnobirthing, to experience your own informed positive birth. 


Relaxation, Knowledge, Positivity

Using The Little Birth Company programmes I can show you how to how to relax in pregnancy, equip you with tools and techniques to carry this on into labour so you can birth confidently and positively, through being knowledgeable and making informed choices for you and your baby.

Keep Calm Bodysuit
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